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After riding JetSkis for many years there have been many Skis come and go for the creators of JetSki.XXX

But one thing has remained the same with them all.

If the Skis have done hundreds of rides or thousands of hours or even raced in Surf, they have all been corrosion free and looked like they were “as new” when they have gone on to new homes.

“For years I watched new Jet Skis being launched for the first time. I couldn’t help being envious of the way a new Jet Ski looks. They’re so bright and shiny. No wonder they’re so eye catching. However the story is always the same. No matter how much effort and time went into maintaining the Jet Ski, just riding them seems to dull them so quickly.

I became frustrated at this. Cars are so easy to keep beautiful by comparison.

I began my experimenting. I tried every brand of every product I could find. I didn’t stop at the generally available Car products either. I tested all of the major car detailing franchise products, professional scratch removing products and boat care products. None worked.

 One day I had an idea. I had always used corrosion inhibitors to flush my engine, exhaust and intercooler. This particular day I poured some into my shampoo.

Well this wasn’t a perfect result nor was it an economical option but it was the beginning of the development of the Jet Ski.XXX products. I consulted a chemical engineer and set about coming up with a product that could do everything I needed for my Skis.

After many years of experimenting and designing, we’ve come up with a blend of all the essential elements. Our value statement has always been the same: Manufacture the best possible product regardless of the bottom line. To this day it has always remained the same.

These products are all designed and tested to deliver the results you’re looking for. No more worrying if your Ski is OK. Now your after-ride maintenance can preserve your pride and joy the way it looked when you brought it, keeping it like new for longer.”

See you on the water for some PWC FUN Unlimited!.

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